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“Discover, cook and share the tastiest curries you'll ever prepare - every month.
Buzzing Taste Buds Guaranteed!”

By Ranger Nick


For Lovers of Indian Food

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Single Flavour Selection

Receive one of Ranger Nick's selected favourite Curry Spice and Recipe Kits each month to create a sensational meal for 4 people.
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Two Flavour Variety

Receive two of Ranger Nick's selected favourite Curry Spice and Recipe Kits each month to create two sensational meals for 4 people.
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"Get a Taste of Indaya"

Cook authentic Indian curry with minimum effort and leave your guests amazed, each and every time!

Aussie Bush Cook Ranger Nick has perfected and simplified the cooking methods, whilst preserving the authentic and rich flavour sensations of Indian cuisine, with the help of his spice and recipe kits. A culinary journey suitable for the majority of your guests.

With ridiculously easy cooking methods, you'll learn how to cook restaurant quality curries like a Guru, offering a fragrant and delicious culinary experience to remember. If you are an Indian Food Lover, you will appreciate the rich and creamy flavours of some classical and unusual dishes. Ranger Nick inspires anyone to take up home cooking of his selected favourite Indian curries. With over 28 recipes in the subscription range, you'll be in for a treat of dishes not available for purchase anywhere else in Australia.

Why a subscription for a Curry Kit you may are only a few of the many advantages:

  1. No need to place an order each month - we will do it for you.
  2. We carefully measure and blend the spices, so you can make the tastiest curry you’ll ever cook.
  3. Don't want to spend big $$ on restaurants, take-aways or an excessive spice collection, but still enjoy top quality curries?
  4. Experience new and unusual dishes that will take you on a culinary adventure.
  5. You’ll be cooking like a pro and impress your guests with new flavours each month.

No jars, no sauces, just fresh ingredients to please your palate.

NOTE: The spice and nut mixes are preservative free, hence are intended to be consumed sooner than later to retain the most potent flavours. It's all about fresh and healthy produce to keep your immune system strong and your taste buds buzzing.

Satisfy your cravings!

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WARNING: You may find the Curry Kits addictive!

Authentic and carefully blended pre-mixed Indian spices, preservative free and portioned out to create outstanding meals to impress your guests.


What's included in your Curry Spice and Recipe Kit?

* Easy to follow recipe and cooking instructions

* Link to "How to" video

* Authentic and carefully blended pre-mixed Indian spices

* Portioned out to create an outstanding meal for 4 people

* List of fresh produce, no exotic ingredients required

* Preservative free spice and nut blends, no grinding required

* Free shipping



Q: When will the Curry Kits be shipped?
A: Orders placed now will ship within 1 week, and then ongoing shipments will be posted in the first week of the each month.

Q: Will my subscription automatically renew?
A: No. After each subscription period, you will have to take out a new order.

Q: Are the Curries spicy?
A: The spice blends are generally mild and suitable for the majority of people. Feel free to increase the heat by using hotter varieties of chilli.

Q: What if I have dietary requirements?
A: We offer dairy free and nut free options with your subscriptions.

Q: Do the Curry Kits contain any MSG or other additives?
A: No. The spices used are of very high quality and do not contain any preservatives, additives or fillers.

Q: May I choose my own favourite Curry Kit flavours?
A: Yes. You have the option to choose a variety of Curry Kit flavours from a selection at

Find out what flavours are in the upcoming Curry Kit.

Be part of a growing community.

No more Waste!

This video by comedian Michael McIntyre might give you a little chuckle. It is the classic example of the average spice.

Humorous but often true - does this look and sound familiar?

NO MORE WASTE, we say!

If leftover unused spices wasting in your cupboard or the time it takes to cook the curry from scratch have stopped you in the past, this has all been eliminated with Ranger Nick's Curry Kits.

There is no more need to purchase spices you'll only use once.

The problem of storage and clutter has been solved with the ready to go Curry Spice and Recipe Kits.


People    Curry Kits

  • Absolutely love it!!! Taste amazing, fantastic easy to read recipes, seriously amazing food. Won't be buying the sauces anymore that's for sure, but will be buying more spice mixes.

    Curry Kits Customer
  • A great one pot wonder! Super easy and awesome taste.

    Curry Kits Customer
  • Creamy flavoursome curry where the spices blend without overpowering each other. I like that I had the choice of how spicy to make it. The instruction leaflet made it a breeze to made.

    Curry Kits Customer

Our Story

Curry Kits were inspired by Australian Celebrity Bush Cook Ranger Nick.

With a reputation of being the "Master of keeping it simple" and a love of curries,  Ranger Nick has put in the hard yards to simplify the cooking methods of Indian curries. Well known for his camp oven cooking, Ranger Nick was looking into making curry cooking suitable for travellers and campers with basic ingredients likely to be in the tucker box. Without purchasing and
storing exotic spices that are not commonly used, the Curry Kits were born offering an authentic culinary experience.

Adapting the cooking methods to a one-pot, hassle free  meal, he minimises the clean-up and redefines the meaning of easy cooking. No bling, no fuss and no compromise in flavour!

Ranger Nick encourages home-style cooking of Indian curries in any environment.

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