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6 Monthly Bonus Subscription with FREE Pappadams

Ranger Nick's 6 monthly Curry Spice and Recipe Kits

Receive Ranger Nick's pick of Indian Curry Spice and Recipe Kits, each month for six months.

BONUS: This pre-paid option will save you up to $18.00, plus you will receive one FREE packet of Maharajas Choice Pappadams.

The selection of flavours is generally mild and fragrant to create delicious, unique meals suitable for the majority of your family and friends.  The Curry Kits offer a rich flavour sensation with a combination of various spices, carefully blended by Ranger Nick to ensure, the seasoning is not over powering.

You are able to adjust the heat of the curry to your own preference by choosing a hotter variety of chillies.

The Curry Kits are designed to please your palate and get your taste buds buzzing, with minimum effort in preparation.

With the ridiculously easy to follow cooking instructions, you'll be the "Guru" of preparing the tastiest Indian Curries, without even thinking about it.

A monthly subscription takes the hassle out of choosing and ordering. You may cancel anytime.

"Get a Taste of Indaya"

$78.00 - $156.00

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Ranger Nick will select a Curry Spice and Recipe Kit of the month by default.

If you do have any dietary requirements, you may choose a Nut Free or Dairy Free option of your Curry Kit Subscription.

Please NOTE:
The supplier of our spices has packed the products on machinery which may contain traces of peanuts and or other nuts, sesame seeds, gluten, milk solids.

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