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If you are a devoted lover of Indian curries, you may wish to consider the Double Curry Spice and Recipe Kit, which offers two unique flavours per month. Hence two meals for the month are already accounted for and can be crossed off your menu plan.

To make it super easy with the extra bonus of saving money plus a free packet of pappadams, you can't go wrong with the pre-paid 6 months option. You will receive a selection of curry kits each month for a period of 6 months, before you need to renew it.

If you just wish to try out a subscription first before committing to it long term, you are welcome to select a one month plan or choose  your favourite Curry Kit from a variety of 15 flavours here. Absolutely Risk FREE.

Check out the pay as you go option, 3 months pre-paid saver plan or 6 months super bonus subscription. All available in either a single or double flavour Curry Kit.

We are making it as flexible as possible - the choice is yours.

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